Smile Confidently with Veneers in Jackson, MO

Changing a smile from one that causes shame to one that exudes confidence is possible with Veneers Cary, IL. While one might think a process that produces these fantastic results comes with hefty drawbacks, in fact, the process does not involve pain, discomfort, much time, or much effort. It is quite simple. Make an appointment, and let the dentist work his or her magic.

Veneers are covers that are positioned over the front of the teeth. They come in either resin or porcelain. The resin requires less of the actual tooth to be removed, and the porcelain will prevent future stain. Light will appear more natural when it reflects from the veneer. Veneers remedy gaps, chips, stains, wear, odd shape, and unevenness.

The process of applying veneers requires three appointments. The initial appointment will be a consultation. The dentist and client will determine that veneers are appropriate and plan exactly where the veneers will rest. The next visit will be to prepare the teeth. The dentist will shape the tooth and remove little pieces of enamel to hold the veneer. The dentist will create a mold for the veneers and send it to a lab where they will be made. It may take two weeks for them to come into the office. The last visit in the process will be to bond the veneers to the teeth. The client’s teeth will be cleaned, polished, and etched. After this, the dentist will temporarily place the veneer and trim it to the right size for the tooth. Then, he or she will take the veneer and bond it to the tooth with a special cement. Using a light beam, the cement will adhere and dry quickly. This process will be done for each tooth individually. The dentist will then evaluate the completed job, and he or she may ask the client to return in a few weeks for a final check.

An ugly smile no longer has to cause permanent embarrassment. Veneers in Cary, IL can transform an ugly smile to one of beauty. Getting veneers will help one find the confidence lacking. Visit at Cary Dental Associates LLC for more information.

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