Beverly Hills Bariatric Surgery Specialists Help Patients Choose the Best Plan for Their Health and Losing Weight

Obesity is something that many people are refusing to live with. Fortunately for many, obesity may be a thing of the past. Bariatric surgery has become very popular with those that have tried to lose weight without success. The Beverly Hills bariatric surgery centers have focused on several different types of procedures to help their patients lose weight safely.

Bariatric surgery is successful because it does the following:

Restricts the amount of contents your stomach and hold, thus leading to less food eaten;

Keeps your digestive system from completely absorbing of all nutrients from the food that is eaten; and

Both of these methods are sometimes used in combination with each other for success.

In order to restrict the amount of contents a stomach can hold, gastric banding or a vertical sleeve gastrectomy procedure is performed. Gastric bypass surgery is yet another way to make the stomach smaller. The purpose of each operation is to make the stomach unable to hold as much food as before the surgery.

In a gastric banding procedure, a small area of the stomach is banded (partitioned) from the rest, which makes a pocket at the end of the esophagus. The pocket in the stomach only holds about a half an ounce of food. Since it fills up quickly, the person feels full faster. It takes longer to empty, because it passes into the larger part of the stomach before getting to the intestine, so the feeling of hunger stays away longer. Alternatively, with a gastric bypass, the pocket empties directly into the small intestine bypassing the larger part of the stomach.

If a patient receives a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, then he or she will have about 3/4 of the stomach removed. The remainder of the stomach that is left is a narrow tube which directly connects to the intestines.

At a Beverly Hills bariatric surgery center, these operations are performed to basically help the patients eat less. Overeating is a physical impossibility afterwards. With a bypass, some of the fat that is eaten does not even get digested, it just goes right through the digestive system without being absorbed.

The bariatric surgery specialists add counseling to accompany the surgery so that the patients see the long term affects of how the surgery will impact their lives. It is in these sessions where the patient and doctor decide on the best form of bariatric treatment.

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