Smarter Grocery Shopping for A Healthier You

Did you know that the organic foods industry led to 81.6 billion dollars net worth of global sales in 2015? Did you know that the United States is the single largest consumer market for organic foods? Despite America’s reputation as a country full of fast food restaurants and unhealthy eating habits, the country, on the whole, is doing its best to reclaim a dedication to health and improved well-being. With establishments like Shirlyn’s and other health food stores in Sandy, you, too, can be a part of this movement to leave harmful diets and lifestyles behind.

Plan Ahead!

One of the most fun parts of meal preparations is a step that many people skip – planning! It may seem tedious, but it’s easy to find thousands of recipes at your fingertips in only seconds. A quick Internet search can lead to having no idea what to eat for dinner to having too many ideas, but by planning your meals you are eliminating the temptation to grab fast food or more unhealthy options because you have nothing else at home.

Stick to Your List

We’ve all been there – you’re in the grocery store, and you’re hungry. You see a box of chocolate cookies. Your stomach rumbles, and into your shopping basket they go. By making a list (full of planned meals) and purchasing only what is on your list, you’ll avoid the coaxing draw of those too-sweet, non-nutritious snacks. If the lure is still too difficult to withstand, include a couple of sweet but more nutritious snacks on your shopping list.

Shop Healthy

By choosing to shop at stores which specialize in healthy options, you’ll be optimizing your opportunities to make better and more delicious choices during your next shopping trip. If you’re looking for health food stores in Sandy, stop by Shirlyn’s Natural Foods and take full advantage of premium products, ethical sourcing, outstanding service, and low prices.

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