More Than Pews: Optimizing Your Church’s Furnishings

You might be surprised at the importance of a church’s furniture and design in the decision-making process for new guests considering membership. Whether you are looking to expand your church attendance to new individuals or if you are hoping to provide your long-term members with an update that will allow them to worship more comfortably, take some time to consider how church furniture suppliers might allow you to update your church or to build a new one.

Structuring A New Place of Worship

You may be surprised at just how much furniture a new church will need to purchase — a church is more than just the sanctuary, after all! Any church can find a use for plenty of bookshelves, desks and office furniture, and even educational furniture. Don’t forget to make use of lower shelves and cubbies designed for small children! Having a room for childcare is an essential part of any church.

Upgrading Your Older Design

If you’re in the process of upgrading your more traditional sanctuary to a modern place of worship, consider the use of worship seating chairs and new staging equipment for contemporary worship. Mobile staging and staging accessories can be designed to accommodate a smaller worship band or a larger choir. Elevated platforms make for a clean, staggered appearance, and audio-visual equipment can also be updated with ease.

Utilize A Smaller Space

Many churches don’t have as much space as they’d like, but having the right furniture and tools can help any organizer to get creative with design. The clever use of both worship seating chairs and room dividers means that a single social hall can be rearranged and reorganized to serve a variety of purposes.

There’s a lot to consider when furnishing a church, but church furniture suppliers like Integrity Furniture can make it easy! With a variety of offerings available designed specifically for churches, your new or remodeled church will certainly be a success.

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