Signs You Need Dental Care in Oahu

There are many reasons people may need to schedule an unexpected dental office visit. One of the most common reasons is because they are experiencing tooth pain. Tooth pain can be difficult to deal with and is often impossible to thoroughly relieve. If you have pain, it could be a sign of different oral health concerns. This is why it is important you monitor your oral health and know the signs to look for so you can know when to call for Dental Oahu.

Cavities are the number one cause of tooth pain. If you see your dentist on a regular basis, this type of pain can be avoided, because cavities can be found before they even begin to cause any symptoms. Your dentist will take X-rays and examine your teeth. If cavities are beginning, they can be treated early.

When your pain is caused by a cavity, you will most likely experience these symptoms as well:

1. Increased sensitivity
2. Pain and sensitivity when eating sweets
3. Pain when eating very hot or very cold foods
4. White spots on the tooth that is hurting
5. Dark or black areas on the tooth
6. Pus drainage
7. Swelling around the tooth

If you notice any of these signs with your pain, you need to call for an appointment as soon as you can. These signs signal a cavity that has become advanced. The longer you wait to seek treatment, the more advanced your cavity will become. Eventually, this can lead to decay in other teeth. It can also cause infection in your teeth and gums. If the cavity continues to progress, it will eventually cause death in the tooth. Click here for more details.

If your pain goes on for more than two days, worsens or you are experiencing added symptoms, call the dentist and have your tooth checked. The dentist can remove the decayed areas and fill the tooth so it no longer causes you pain.

If you are in need of services for Dental Oahu, contact the office of Dr. Garrett T. Hayashi DDS. He and his staff will take care of your cavity and help to stop any pain or other symptoms you are experiencing. Call today for your appointment.

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