Signs That You Need an Electrical Contractor Dayton OH

What happens when the lights in your house start giving you trouble or your breakers continue to trip off because of some malfunction? What do you do when your systems department keep having issues because the power is going in and out? It is best to call an electrical contractor. Mr. Electric of Montgomery County is an electrical contractor in Dayton OH that offers residential and commercial electrical services in Dayton, Ohio, and all over Montgomery County and Greene County. Mr. Electric offers signs of when it is time to call an electrical contractor.

  • When your circuit breakers constantly trip, most especially when you try to run other appliances when one is already running, this is a sign of overloaded breakers.
  • Lights that constantly flicker can be an issue also, indicative of a much larger electrical problem.
  • Lights that are not evenly burning, meaning some are extremely bright and others are very dim can also be a sign of something requiring the expertise of a professional and certified electrical contractor.
  • Outlets that no longer work can be a problem. It could be as simple as replacing the outlet, but then again, it could indicate something more serious. Outlets that spark whenever you plug something in are also dangerous and needs to be looked at immediately, as they are a fire hazard.

These are just a few signs of electrical issues that could be more serious than the first glance indicates. It is imperative to ensure that all of these problems and other related electrical outages are addressed before they turn into a shock hazard, a potential fire or an expensive wiring project. Mr. Electric of Montgomery County offers to check these things out for you in the Montgomery and surrounding counties areas. They have a wide selection of electrical services such as generator installment, surge protection, installing and repairing your panel box or breaker box. They also will rewire your entire home and do custom landscape lighting design. Don’t delay another day of unsafe wiring in your home or organization.