Hire a Roofing Company Tucson to Inspect and Maintain A Roof

by | Dec 6, 2013 | Roofing

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Many homeowners mistakenly believe that they can install a new roof and then forget about it for 15 year or until they need a new roof. This almost certainly guarantees that they will need a new roof much sooner than expected. Homeowners should hire a Roofing Company Tucson each year to inspect the roof. This should be done after the most extreme part of the weather cycle. The roofer will look to see if any shingles or tiles are missing or damaged. On a roof that has been coated, the roofer will determine if the paint is wearing thin or has started to crack. He will also check to see if the flashing around pipes, vents and skylights is secure.

Ralph Hays Roofing professionals can help homeowners keep their roofs in the best shape. However, they can’t prevent a storm from wreaking havoc. If that occurs homeowners can trust their Roofing Company Tucson to give an honest and reliable estimate. They have emergency crews that can be ready to help repair storm damage. Since they have been in business since 1958, they are familiar with all types of roofing materials and techniques. They are proficient working on metal roofs, shingles, wood shakes, clay tiles and concrete tiles. They are also familiar with issues and conditions found in the Tucson area.

Santa Fe style homes are quite common in the region. They have flat and painted roofs. Unlike roofs that have shingles that need to be replaced, these roofs need to be repainted. They come in a various colors including white, tan and aluminum. Each color varies buy how much it reflects sunlight and how long it lasts. Many residents living communities that are governed by a homeowners association are limited in their choice by the rules of the association. A roofing company Tucson contractor will help a homeowner determine what is the right choice for them, given rules of the association. They can also instruct the homeowner about watching out for pooling water. If a flat roof doesn’t have a slight pitch to it, then water can pool. When water sits in one spot, it can lead to a lot of water damage.

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