Signs That You May Need Foundation Repair

by | Apr 4, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

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Most homeowners hope that they will never need to worry about foundation repairing in Mississippi. They do not want to face the possibility that there is something wrong with their treasured home. They may also be concerned that the expense of foundation repair is significant. These are some of the reasons why most homeowners do not really think about the health of their foundations.

The initial signs that indicate a potential problem that could require foundation repairing in Mississippi can be subtle. They may not be apparent to a homeowner that is not specifically looking for problems with the foundation. However, foundation problems tend to progress and worsen to the point where almost any homeowner will notice the difference.

Home foundations are either concrete or wood construction. Concrete foundations are sturdier and sounder. Although a homeowner does not necessarily choose his home based on the type of foundation, he may decide that he prefers the stability of a concrete foundation. For one thing, the main level floors will not sag. They will also not creak or make other noises as a person walks along. However, a concrete foundation can be more susceptible to the instability of the soil underneath.

Ideally, whether a foundation is concrete or wood, the optimal mounting is bedrock. In this case, there is very little possibility of foundation damage, short of an earthquake. The problem comes when the ground where the foundation lies is clay, sand, or some mixture of the two. Groundwater swelling or other mechanisms that produce changes in the soil can put extreme stresses on a concrete foundation. Think of a brittle sheet of glass resting on a bed of sand. In the sand is smooth underneath, the glass is well supported and safe. However, if you remove sand from underneath the part of the glass, that it is not supported in a susceptible to cracks at the edge of the support. Concrete is not as brittle as glass, but without even support across the total area of the foundation, it can crack under its own weight.

Signs of this damage can manifest as a portion of the home going out of true. If doors on one side of the home suddenly become jammed, this could be a problem with the foundation. However, just because you notice some signs does not necessarily mean you may need foundation repairing in Mississippi.

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