Signs Furnace Repair is Necessary and Where to Get Help Near Palatine

There are a number of signs that your Palatine home’s furnace might need some repairs. Most modern furnaces can last for decades, as long as they are well taken care of. A lot of people, however, don’t even realize how old their furnace is. The older the furnace gets, the more repairs it might need, so you should know the signs that furnace repair near Palatine is needed:

Strange Noises

One of the biggest signs that your furnace needs a repair is a strange noise. New rattles or bangs could indicate that the system is not cycling correctly. If you are hearing noises and see rust around the frame of the furnace, it might be time for a replacement.

Cracks and Corrosion

Cracks and corrosion are also signs that your furnace needs some help from a pro. Your furnace should not have any openings in it besides those that are in it from the manufacturer.


You might also notice strange odors coming from the furnace, and many times, these are not pleasant odors. Though there is usually an odor when the furnace first turns on in the winter, if it has been running and strange odors are coming through, you should call a repair company.

Increased Energy Costs

Finally, you might notice increased energy costs. This means that your furnace is struggling to keep up like it should. In other words, it is less efficient. If your bills are getting higher, and you can’t find any other reason why, it won’t hurt to call a repair person to come and check out the furnace. If nothing else, they can check to see if there are any issues, change the filter, and clean it up for you.

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