A Naturally Restorative Leave-In Hair Detangler in Stone Mountain, GA

Natural leave-in hair detanglers provide slip and allow combs to move through difficult-to-manage hair. Detanglers protect against breakage and leave hair tangle-free and moisture-balanced. Detanglers made with olive oil and shea butter work for wet hair or dry hair of any texture or type.

Manages Difficult Hair

Women who experience significant tangling or knotting can find detangling especially painful. The process can even result in hair breakage. While some products may not get expected results, a natural hair detangler, such as a leave-in formula with crème therapy, will make management a breeze and leave hair healthy.

Works for Every Hair Type

A natural hair detangler is formulated with all-natural ingredients and works as a conditioning application. Easy combing through difficult hair prevents scalp distress and leaves hair free of tangles and protected against breakage. The treatment, which contains olive oil, is particularly helpful for Types 3 and 4 hair and will soften curls while restoring moisture.

Olive Oil Detangler for Type 3

Type 3 hair is especially prone to dryness, bushiness, frizz and dullness. An easy-comb therapy with softening crème will penetrate hair shafts and provide lasting moisture throughout the strand. The naturally nourishing attributes of extra virgin olive oil with A, E, K and D vitamins act as a restorative that provides strength and shine while making curls softer and easier to manage.

Hair Products That People Need

Hair treatment experts have consulted women and men with curly, bushy, coiled, kinky, frizzy or mixed-textured hair to discover the products they really need. Hair formulas with olive oil, shea butter and a blend of pro-vitamin A, protein and oils and no parabens, sulfates, mineral oil or petrolatum will leave hair free of damage and looking good. Call Texture My Way at 888-779-7471 or visit the website at
www.texturemyway.com to find out more.

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