Seven Benefits of Having a Pediatric Dentist in Bethesda

Having a Bethesda Pediatric Dentist that you trust and that your child feels comfortable with is extremely important to their health. Below are seven benefits to having a regular Bethesda Pediatric Dentist.

Training: Pediatric dentists receive more formal training than family dentists do. They go through the traditional four years of dental school and two more years of residency that deals with children, young adults, infants, and special needs children. This gives them more experience and expertise when it comes to the dental care of youth.

Experience: Pediatric dentists work with children and young people all the time, day in and day out. This gives them the experience to ensure that your children receive proper dental care and that they know how to deal with them in the most effective manner. This experience lets them handle and examine children without intimidating them.

Comfortableness: Children are able to feel more comfortable and relaxed when visiting a pediatric dentist versus a regular family dentist. The environment of a pediatric dentist, including the toys, furniture, and way of handling children all play a part in their ability to relax.

Group Behavior: Being surrounded by lots of other children in a pediatric dentist office helps to make a child feel more relaxed and at east with going to the dentist.

Expertise: A pediatric dentist is an expert when it comes to the dental care of your child. The teeth, gums, mouths, and bites of a child are completely different of that of an adult. Having the additional training, along with the day to day experience of working with the dental care of children, gives pediatric dentists an expertise in their oral well-being that a regular dentist just doesn’t have.

Resource: Your pediatric dentist is a great resource for you to ask questions about your children’s oral health and dental care. They are there as the experts to help you will anything you need to know and can give you the advice needed to ensure your child has a healthy mouth as possible.

Staff: The staff at a pediatric dentist, from the dentist, receptionist, and hygienists, are all there to make your child feel welcome and to help them have good oral hygiene. They enjoy working with children and this comes through in their work.