Protect Your Rights with a St Augustine Criminal Defense Attorney

by | May 30, 2013 | Law

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When you’ve fallen into legal trouble and are facing the prospects of prison or jail, you should not be without a St Augustine criminal defense attorney. Whether you’re wrongly accused or guilty as charged, an experienced attorney will have the skill and legal know-how to articulate reasons why your case should be dismissed and the penalties lowered or dropped. A good attorney will protect your rights by raising constitutional issues to persuade the judge or jury. Because no one criminal legal case is exactly like another, a lawyer will be trained to represent you in the best possible light. Here are several more reasons why you need a St Augustine criminal defense attorney on your side.

Negotiating a Deal
There is no better negotiator than a criminal defense lawyer. Your attorney can work with you and the prosecutor to negotiate a plea bargain, which can ultimately eliminate some or all of the pending charges against you. In many cases, a prosecutor is unwilling to negotiate with a defendant who chooses to represent himself in court, making an attorney an essential option.

Revising Your Sentence
In the event that you are found guilty of your crimes, your attorney may be able to help you get a sentence that is more suitable than the alternative in your eyes. For example, instead of getting 12 months in prison, your attorney may suggest a mere 6 months in prison with the remaining 6 months under house arrest or performing community service.

Providing Legal Advice
When you’re in a legal predicament, it’s important to understand the laws and rules associated with your crime. Not only will your lawyer suggest the right route to take for your specific situation, they will also know the steps to take to get you the best possible outcome. They will explain to you the consequences of pleading guilty and can help you come to a decision regarding how to proceed.

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