Serta Chicago Mattress Retailers Help You Choose the Model That’s Right for You

Serta is one of the most popular mattress manufacturers out there right now. Thanks to their extensive line of mattresses that appeals to a number of different consumers – you can be sure that they make a product that suits your individual needs. But how will you know which one to choose? It’s important to work with a mattress professional when shopping for a new mattress since your bedding is so important. The wrong bedding can cause health problems – including difficulty sleeping as well as back, neck, and shoulder issues. A Serta Chicago mattress dealer will work with you to analyze your situation and determine which one of Serta’s incredible models best suit your lifestyle.

Serta iComfort Series
The Serta iComfort Insight Sleep System mattresses offer a few unique features that can certainly be appealing to certain consumers. These mattresses feature a unique “cool action” gel memory foam that is utilized specifically by Serta to give users a sleeping surface that remains cool throughout the night ensuring maximum comfort potential. The memory foam also contours to the body which provides support from head to toe. If you suffer from back problems or tend to wake up in the middle of the night due to an increased body temperature, this mattress may be a good choice for you.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Series
The Perfect Sleeper series offers a number of different mattress topper choices, which can be discussed in-depth when you speak with a Serta Chicago mattress retailer. However, all of the perfect sleeper mattresses are carefully engineering to help consumers achieve the most peaceful night of sleep possible. They aim to reduce tossing and turning and provide the proper back support that will keep you pain free whenever you wake up in the morning. It’s one of the most popular options available, and once you sleep on one – you will certainly understand why!

Sertapedic Series
If you’re headed to the Serta Chicago mattress dealer with a slightly tighter budget in mind – the Sertapedic mattress is definitely one to consider. While it provides a high-quality sleeping surface just like the rest of the Serta family, it’s available at an affordable price point. It exceeds expectations and goes far beyond other mattresses in the value-priced mattress category. If you’re interested in a mattress that provides you with the right support, stability, and quality that you’re looking for without all of the bells and whistles – a Sertapedic mattress is most likely going to be the choice for you.

Serta Chicago – If you’re looking for a Serta retailer in the Chicago area, American Mattress has the selection and pricing that you need. With a number of different Serta models available, you’ll be sure to find the mattress that meets and exceeds your expectations.