How To Get Bed Bugs Out Of Your Bed

Bed bugs in CT are a nasty bunch. Unlike cockroaches and ants, they are not after bread crumbs or any other type of food morsel that you leave out. Bed bugs want only one thing: your blood. By ignoring the problem, the critters will happily feed on you every night while you are asleep and in dreamland. Most people who have bed bugs on their beds can easily go for months without even noticing them. Those who develop an allergic reaction may begin to develop rashes and severe itching.

The good news is that if you detect bed bugs, then you can get rid of them yourself by following a few simple steps. If attempting to fix the problem yourself fails, then there is always the fail-proof option of hiring pest control.

The first thing you want to do is get a bed bug cover to cover up your mattress and pillow. You will also want to wash all your clothes that have been in contact with your bed. It is also useful to clean your room and remove excess clutter. This gives the bed bugs in CT fewer places to hide.

The next step may require you to arrange your room a bit. What you will want to do is move your bed a few inches away from the walls. If your bed has a headboard, then you may want to remove that as well. Essentially, you want to make your bed into an island. This makes it harder for bed bugs to climb onto your bed.

Once you have everything set up, you can purchase some form of bed bug spray from the store and just spray it around the bed and surrounding areas. Also be sure to spray around the walls, especially where there are cracks and crevices.

If you continue to spot bed bugs or continue to experience rashes, then it is best to contact an exterminator. Sometimes, a professional is needed to get the job done once and for all. Be sure the company you contact is certified to deal specifically with bed bugs in CT. An exterminator understands the behavior of these bugs and can locate them and flush them out. The exterminator will be swift in killing the entire colony and making your home bed bug free.

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