Safety Aspects to Consider when Installing a Ramp onto a Home

Do you have a family member that is restricted to a wheelchair? Perhaps, an aging loved one is having a difficult time walking up stairs and you want to provide them with a safe way to enter their home. When a loved one suffers from mobility problems, they require a durable surface to move across to prevent injuries due to a fall. While they can be lifted by a family member or use them as support while entering and exiting a home. This can be a challenging task to complete and pose a safety risk. Ramps in Suffolk offer a solution to anyone that is unable to climb stairs.

Protection Features You Want

* The material used should be considered as you want a surface that provides traction.

* Protection around the edges of the ramp is important to prevent the individual from falling off.

* You want to ensure the right angle is used when installing ramps in Suffolk.

* Handrails are important to provide the individual with stability and something to grip on to.

* The size of the ramp is critical, you want the ramp to be wide enough for a wheelchair to fit on.

Consult a Specialist

When it comes to installing a ramp to a home, you want to ensure the stability of the platform. At Alpha Care Supply, the understand the importance of having access to a durable ramp. A platform that provides the confidence that your loved one can use to minimize the risk of injuring their self when entering or leaving a home. A friendly staff member will work with you to determine what type of ramp will be beneficial for your loved one. From choosing a ramp to installation, they provide the reliable services you require to correctly install a ramp onto a home.

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