Lash Extensions: Should I Get Them?

Lush and long eyelashes are easy to love. But you’ve got a busy schedule and barely have enough time in the mornings to rush off to work, then you probably don’t have the time or patience to put on fake eyelashes every single day. That’s probably why extensions are becoming more and more popular. Some dental clinics offer the service as well. Before you head on to one for lash extensions in Philadelphia, here are a few things to keep in mind.

What do you want?
There are temporary, semi, and permanent extensions. Pick which one is best suited to you. Are you going to a party and want to glam up for the night? Then temporary extensions are an easy way to get the fuller, longer lashes you want. However, if you like having extensions for much longer, then a semi-permanent option should be right for you. And if you want those lashes to be there for as long as possible, then book an appointment with a dental clinic you trust and ask about lash extensions in Philadelphia.

How long will it take?
Getting a full set of lashes in place takes about two hours. Maintain this throughout the year with touch-ups. Go for those touch-ups every three to four weeks, the Huffington Post recommends. A half set should be much more economical and still achieve the results you want.
How long can the lashes get?
This will depend entirely on the condition of your lashes. Also, you can only go for a certain thickness or length to ensure that your own lashes stay healthy. If you go for too long lashes, you may end up with less than stellar results.

What happens if the glue gets in my eyes?
Make sure the glue is safe for your eyes. That’s a good safety precaution to take.

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