Roof Leak Repair in Rockville: Common Areas Where Leaking is Likely to Occur

A leak on your roof, whether small or big, should never be ignored but instead, you should discover the source to solve the problem for good. This is because small leaks can gradually grow into major problems leading to rotten framing, growth of mold, destroyed insulation, damaged sheathing and ceiling. Timely Roof Leak Repair Rockville can help you avoid incurring the cost that come with repairing such major damages.

If for instance you notice water damage on the ceiling, don’t assume that the leak is from a hole that you see directly above it on the roofing. The roof could be leaking elsewhere and water find its way to the point where there is, apparently, a leak on the ceiling.

The following are some of the major areas where leak on your roof can occur:

Damaged or corroded flashing
Flashing is a thin metal sheet, fitting or strip that covers a seam point on the roof. It is a suitable remedy to deteriorating transitions or seams that can worsen the condition of your roof. The metal sheet should be installed where the roofing material meets the wall or the dormers. Leaks mostly occur where the flashings are corroded, damaged or not installed.

Chimney stack
A chimney stack creates a large hole on your roof and collects water on the chimney surface. Water can drip down the roof and seep through the tiny openings around the chimney stack to the ceiling. Water can also gather at the chimney base if the stack does not have a cricket (triangular metal on the upper side where the roof and the stack meets) or flashing.

Plumbing penetrations
Builders know that it is not right to run a pipe through the roof as such penetrations can cause leakage on the roof. While penetrations such as air conditioning vent pipes, attic vents, ventilation fan ducts and exhaust flue are a necessity in every home, they can also cause leaks.

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