Questions to Ask a Long-Distance Medical Transport Service

If you’re getting ready to help a non-ambulatory loved one take an extensive trip, make things as simple as possible for everyone involved by getting in touch with a long-distance medical transport service. Keep reading to learn a few crucial questions to ask that could help you determine if you’re working with the best possible team of providers.

How Long Have You Been Providing Transport Service?

When it comes to your loved one’s well-being, it’s never appropriate to make sacrifices by choosing a transport team that clearly doesn’t have the amount of experience you require. Give yourself peace of mind by selecting providers who regularly travel across the United States and have numerous years of experience doing so. Working with an experienced long-distance medical transport service can help you rest assured your loved one is in capable hands.

What’s the Condition of the Vehicles?

Since you’ll be paying for private transportation service, it’s understandable to seek out the most luxurious options possible. Fortunately, some fleets are made up of comfortable vehicles that are well-equipped for both the patient and any family members that are also going on the journey. When vehicles have been well maintained and are also very modern, you’ll feel more confident you’re working with a great long-distance medical transport service that thoroughly understands your needs and will work hard to meet your expectations.

What’s Included in the Cost?

If your loved one requires oxygen, find out if the cost for it is included in the price you pay. In many cases it will be, as long as you specify it’ll be needed when you book your trip. Some providers also offer food and beverages to keep your loved one as content as possible throughout the time in the vehicle. However, keep in mind you’ll likely be required to provide at least a couple of days worth of medication if the person requiring transport is on any prescribed or over-the-counter drugs.

This type of long-distance medical transport service cannot replace urgent care from emergency responders, but is a great option if your loved one is in stable condition, yet not able to travel safely or comfortably in your own vehicle. Be mindful of the questions above to increase your chances of having a positive and smooth experience.

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