Reasons a Professional from a Heating Company in Madison CT is needed for Some Maintenance Tasks

As the winter season ends each year, it can be a good time for a homeowner to spend time checking their system over and making sure it is in good order for the next cold season. Many times a homeowner may wish to handle some of these maintenance tasks on their own. This can be a good way to cut costs. However, it is also important to have a professional from a Heating Company in Madison CT check the unit over at least every couple of years as well.

Homeowners are generally able to handle many of the basic types of maintenance needed on a system. They will be able to check the air filter and replace it should it be necessary. The system will often be dirty after a full season’s use and it will need to be vacuumed to keep it in good repair and working as cost efficiently as possible. In addition, a homeowner will be able to inspect the motor, fan and fan belt on the blower to check for signs of damage or disrepair. The fan and fan belt may need to be replaced and many homeowners will be able to make these replacements as well.

While these tasks can help in making sure the unit continues to work well, there are also other types of inspections and possible repairs only a professional from a heating company in Madison CT should handle. One of the main areas a professional should inspect is the burner on the unit. Most times he or she can determine the condition of the burner by checking the color and condition of the flames as the burner ignites. While this is simple, if the flames flicker or are yellow and/or orange, the burner will most likely need to be cleaned.

The burner element on a heating system can be very complex and difficult to disassemble and reassemble. There are many parts to take apart and clean before they are put back together. This is not only time consuming but it can be difficult to get all the parts in the right order. Having a professional handle this, is generally the best choice.

Another element a professional should check is the thermostat. The thermostat is key in deciding when the heating system will come on and shut off. It needs to be calibrated using a digital infrared thermostat tool periodically to ensure it works correctly.

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