A Flooded Basement in Ankeny, IA Requires Immediate Water Extraction and a Mold Check

A flooded basement is an unanticipated problem unless, of course, your basement floods often when a storm hits the area. A basement with water in it is a paralyzing problem for many people because they often have keepsakes and memories stored in the basement which are totally destroyed.

The best advice may be too late, but if it isn’t you will not be sorry you followed it. Have your basement waterproofed by a company experienced in flooded basement control. Flooded Basement in Ankeny, IA is a good source of advice on identifying potential problems with the basement walls where water enters by hydrostatic pressure during a heavy storm.

When a substantial amount of water accumulates in the basement its time to seek advice from Flooded Basement in Ankeny, IA on how to get the water out. The water should be pumped out as promptly as possible to avoid further damage and the basement should be dried using industrial fans. If the water is allowed to set for any amount of time, then more than likely black mold will form and the spores can spread throughout the house. It is even possible that more black mold can grow where the spores settle elsewhere in the house.

Once all of the water has been removed, it is time to call a mold remediation expert to remove the mold and examine the basement for remaining black mold. It would be a good idea to have the remainder of the house checked for mold growth as a result of spores becoming airborne.

When the mold check has been made, it is time for the basement floor and walls to be sanitized using the product which is best for the type of water and debris which entered the basement.

Bambasements.com is a good reference source for protecting the basement from further flooding. If the water is coming up through a floor drain, then the drain line may be clogged and a plumber with a mini-cam can fix this problem. Otherwise, the problem may be a very porous wall which has weakened over the years and needs to be protected from the process of Hydrostatic pressure forcing water through the walls. There may be a leak in the basement wall formed by a crack which has enlarged over the years.

Once all of the possibilities for a leak are detected, then repairs can be made to prevent further flooding.

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