Quick Facts about EpiLight Hair Removal

There are many reasons people may seek hair removal. Some women are embarrassed by dark facial hair or longer, courser dark hair on their arms or body. Men often seek hair removal aimed at their backs or even their chests. Hair can be a cause for embarrassment for many people and especially for women with facial hair shaving is not really an option. Removing hair from legs and underarms is also something many women appreciate to put an end to the endless cycle of shaving or waxing that can be painful and lead to rashes, itching and eventually stubble. If you are looking for a new and easier way to deal with hair removal EpiLight laser hair removal may be the answer. Here are a few things you should know about EpiLight hair removal:

* EpiLight is an intense pulsed light that will help you acquire the smooth skin you desire without ever having to worry about stubble, shaving or waxing again. The latest advances in technology such as the EpiLight provides a laser hair removal treatment that is proving to be the perfect solution for many. Laser hair removal offers a permanent solution and although sometimes hair can grow back it will be far thinner and just require a few more treatments to keep hair growth at bay.

* Laser hair removal has to be applied by a Certified Skin Care professional usually at a clinic. The treatment involves the destruction of hair follicles using heat distributed with the EpiLight. Wavelengths will penetrate the hair follicles which will in turn stop further growth.

* Although this sounds painful the technician will apply a water-soluble gel to your skin which helps to soothe and cool skin during the procedure. This helps make the treatment almost completely painless. It will reduce discomfort and also aids in the pulse to reach the hair follicle more effectively.

* The light pulses are applied every .5 to 2 seconds usually in rows to the area in question. Some treatments take only minutes such as the upper lip. However larger areas such as legs, arms and backs will require more time.

* On average you will require six to eight treatments before you see hair growth completely disappear. It will vary based on the coarseness of the hair as well as the area. You can expect to see some redness and in rare cases there can be blistering or the formation of scabs. However this is very uncommon.

When it comes to hair removal, using the EpiLight is an excellent option if you are seeking a permanent hair removal solution. Experienced staff at Anderson Cosmetic and Vein Institute provides professional laser hair removal in Cincinnati, OH.

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