Are you a sales warrior or sales worrier

by | Jun 3, 2014 | Education

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In the world there are sales warriors and sales worriers. The best way to get an idea of what defines each is to watch each one in action. “The Simpsons” character Gil Gunderson, the impervious yet unsuccessful sales guy is a sales worrier. He is ever focused on his quota and the fact he can’t meet it and too worried about failure to succeed. Compare him to Herb Tarlick of WKRP in Cincinnati who epitomizes the sales warrior who is persistent, positive and confident. You can decide which one best reflects your qualities as a sales rep by taking a closer look at the two.

Herb Tarlick – WKRP in Cincinnati
Good old Herb Tarlick is a Sales Warrior. No matter what might come his way, he is always on, always selling and always oblivious to what the world thinks of him. In his case one might argue the only reason he isn’t a worrier is because he is too dumb to clue in, however this is actually his strength. A sales warrior never waivers and pursues his goals with dogged determination. He never let’s anyone see him sweat and truly believes he can sell anything. At the same time, although he thinks he can sell anything, he pursues his love where knowledge becomes his strength. He wears the scars of battle proudly and is able to use his scars to strengthen his resolve and be inspired and motivated to move forward. A sales warrior has the following qualities:
* Confident
* Positive
* Enthusiastic
*  Motivated
*  Persistent
*  Outgoing
*  Results oriented
*  Passionate
*  Accountable
* Customer focused

Gil Gunderson – The Simpsons
Gil Gunderson is the ultimate sales worrier. He exudes desperation and even attempts to make sales with a constant plea to “Give old Gil a break.” He is too focused on failure to avoid it. It is the driving force that keeps Gil fretting and sweating instead of pursuing and succeeding. Gil Gunderson lacks focus and moves from job to job making it harder to develop the skills he needs to become a sales warrior. A sales worrier has the following traits:
*  Insecure
*  Negative
*  Apathetic
*  Uninspired
*  Feeble
*  Introverted
*  Indifferent
*  Blameless

So which one are you?

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