Proper Rug Cleaning in Virginia Beach

One of the first things people notice when they walk into a home is the flooring. This is especially true if they are looking at a home in terms of buying or renting. What this means for you, either as a seller or a landlord, is that if the home has large area rugs, they need to be clean and well maintained. Carpet manufacturers recommend that both carpets and area rugs be steam cleaned at least twice a year by a service that offers rug cleaning in Virginia Beach.

There are a few reasons for this, with one of the biggest reasons being that dirt is extremely abrasive (rough). It cuts into rug and carpet fibers, damaging them. This damage is responsible for the wear patterns you see in rugs that aren’t well taken care of. Regular vacuuming helps keep dirt from damaging rug fibers, but needs to be combined with regular professional rug cleaning in Virginia Beach as well. There are also other things you can do to minimize damage to your area rugs.

According to one company that offers high quality Rug Cleaning in Virginia Beach, you can also take care of your rugs by:

1. Using a quality rug pad. Rug pads not only keep your rugs from slipping, but also help reduce wear.
2. Rotating your rugs every six months to a year. This keeps them from getting uneven sun damage, as well as reduces uneven wear (Think about the reasons you rotate the tires on your car – most of those reasons apply to rugs as well)
3. Cleaning up spills and spots right away, by blotting up excess moisture with a clean, absorbant cloth. Then spot clean with a green cleaner, or plain water. Blot again until the cleaner or water is absorbed. If you can’t get the spot out, call a professional that offers Rug Cleaning in Virginia Beach.

Taking proper care of the area rugs and/or carpets in the home will help give potential buyers and/or renters a good first impression, allowing them to visualize being able to call the place “home”. Contact Allen’s Dry-N-Clean for more information.

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