Myths About Termite Treatment In Bunbury

Throughout Bunbury and the surrounding areas, termites are a concern for both residential and commercial property owners. Annual termite inspections are recommended to provide early detection of any problems and to plan the correct termite treatment before the colony has time to cause significant damage to the structure.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization estimates that approximately 130,000 homes per year have some type of termite activity. That is about one in three homes, which is a significant number.

Unfortunately, common myths about termite treatment may have home and commercial property owners making assumptions about how safe their property is from these insects. Recognizing these common myths and calling in the professionals for both termite treatment and annual inspections can help prevent a lot of issues and damage.

Myth: It is easy to see termite activity

The subterranean termite species is one of the most problematic in the Bunbury area. These termites remain largely underground, making them extremely difficult to detect. Often it is only when there is significant damage that the signs of the infestation are fully uncovered.

Myth: Concrete stops termites

Concrete is strong, and termites cannot chew through, but they can move through cracks that form in concrete foundations. It is a mistake to assume your home is protected if the only barrier is concrete.

Myth: Termites cannot be eliminated

With the correct treatment and ongoing monitoring of the property, it is possible to eliminate these insects from your home. Even if there are new termites that move into the property, early detection removes them before they become a problem.

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