Private Investigators Rockland County

Prompt, efficient, fact-reporting for criminal, civil or any legal issue usually requires physical or photo evidence. Knowing when to hire a private investigator can mean the difference between winning and losing a legal battle. Protect yourself and your assets with investigative assistance with a private investigator so that you know that your case is in good hands.

By using the latest in surveillance technology and the most advanced investigative techniques, an agent can document evidence of criminal activity or civil matters such as embezzlement or negligent behavior. Effective investigation is key to winning tricky legal battles. Comprehensive reporting of evidence gathered during an investigation is vital to the presentation of facts concerning your case. Without a clear presentation of the evidence at your disposal your case will not be accepted as easily in court. A Private Investigators Rockland County can help you with this by gathering the information needed for your case and ensuring that you have a solid case.

Certification is necessary for evidence gathered during an investigation to be admissible in court. Each investigating agent must be licensed in his or her state, registered as a private investigator and engaged in a legal contract to gather and document evidence at your request. Without these items the evidence will have been gathered illegally and therefore inadmissible in a court. Without admissible evidence your case may suffer and case you to suffer undo legal consequences. It is imperative that the evidence is obtained legally and Private Investigators Rockland County will be familiar with all laws to ensure that your evidence will fit the criteria necessary to be allowed in court.

Many private investigator firms allow you access to resources otherwise unavailable. A certified private investigator will have access to police reports, case law, and other information not available to the general public. Obtaining sensitive information essential to your case can be difficult; your best choice may be to seek advice of someone who has intimate knowledge of the legal system, such as a private investigator. Private investigators are used for more than catching a cheating spouse. Corporate internal investigation, forensic accounting, criminal or civil litigation support, asset location, liability and disability are just a few of the many reasons you may have to hire a professional investigator.

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