Accepting a Job Offer As An Electrician – How The Process Works

Once you have gone through the formalities of getting your education and completing your apprenticeship, it is time to begin looking for the best Australia electrician jobs, you’ve earned your skill and it’s time to move on to the next level.

By now, you will have determined your speciality or area of the trade you wish to focus on, so you can quickly begin to identify potential job opportunities within that area. If you have not; search for electrician roles on and see what sort of roles are advertised and which ones interest you.

The employment market in Australia is quite buoyant still, with the market especially good for much needed tradesmen like electricians. As the economy grows, more infrastructure needs servicing and thus the demand for skilled workers also grows.

With this being the case, it will not be long before you are applying for lots of different jobs.

Complete with your CV indicating clearly the license you hold, provide a record of any unique courses you have undertaken and categorise any work experience you have, listed chronologically with 3-4 bullet points under each place you have worked for so that when the right role comes along you are ready to go!

The Offers and The Acceptance

Within what is a good economic environment for Australia still, it should not be long until you receive an offer which would match your skills and your expectation. If you are going for your first job, do not be so choosy at the start. Secure your first job soon and then start to work towards your ideal job on the side. If you are picky on your first job you may have employment gaps in your cv and from an employment perspective the fact that you did not stick around long in your first job is not so much of an issue. Of course if you constantly job hop then it will become an issue. So achieve a balance in this.

Remember though when you accept the job offer there are certain rules and forms of etiquette that are expected. One is; do not accept a job and then not turn up to work. It is a small industry still in Australia and this may have a damaging effect on your reputation in the field over the long run. Once you commit, you’re committed. Turn up to the job on time. Leave on time or later. Constantly ask at the end of every week – how am I going? Do your best as every job is a referral and the more referrals you have the better your chances of increasing your salary down the line.

Tips For Accepting a Job Offer

When accepting the offer, regardless of whether it is done by phone, in person, or via e-mail, always begin by telling the employer how pleased you are with the offer and that you are excited about starting on the job. Start off on the right foot and pay attention to small formalities like this. If you do so, things are likely to go more smoothly.

You will likely be asked to sign a contract which is known as the letter of offer and acceptance.

This document is legally binding, so take the time to read all the clauses carefully, if you spot something that you do not like or do not understand, don’t hesitate to discuss it in detail prior to signing. Once the letter has been accepted, it will then be too late for any amendments. Once signed, keep a copy of the letter in a safe place, as this document is for your protection as well as for the protection of your employer.

At this all important juncture make sure you are aware of all the conditions and details of the job such as:

  • What days and hours are you expected to work? Is this always the same or does it vary?

  • What date does the job officially begin? You don’t want to miss your first day.

  • What is the rate of pay? You can begin budgeting when you know how much money is coming in.

  • What are the performance expectations? Know all of this before starting.

  • What are the main duties of the position? Read carefully.

Once you have accepted the job, it never hurts to email your new employer, reiterating what you understand the job, the work hours, and everything else. Have fun, be careful, and start your new job out on the right foot. There are many electrician jobs in Australia right now, so good luck!

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