Preparing to Install Sod with a Lawn Provider in McLean VA

Sod is a great way to transform a patchy yard into a lush and gorgeous lawn. Those who are ready to install sod for a beautifully landscaped yard will need to get the lawn ready before a professional sodding service arrives. There are several steps to follow before the installation by a Lawn Provider in McLean VA.


Prior to placing an order for sod, measure the area that will be covered. Most sodding services suggest ordering a minimum of 5% more than expected to use. This is important in cases where the lawn is an irregular shape. Another factor is that sod has a tendency to shrink a bit once the foundation is put down.

Soil Preparation

In order to ensure a smooth finish, take the time to clear the lawn before sodding. Remove any debris like rocks and stones. Anything over 3 inches in size needs to be removed from the area. Next, till the soil 2 inches deep. The soil depth needs to be about 6 inches, so it is more than likely going to require that top soil be added to give plenty of rich undergrowth for the new grass. The sod will actually protect the soil from bad weather and wind.

Soil pH Levels & Fertilizer

Testing the pH level of the soil will give an understanding of how well the sod will absorb nutrients from the soil. The range that is recommended is between 5.5 and 7.0. Most local gardening stores carry pH test kits. Once the levels have been tested, it is time to apply fertilizer that will help the sod grow once it has been laid.

Taking time to properly prepare the yard will help avoid weeds, yellowing as well as site drainage. These things will ruin the look of the yard and take away from the investment. For a professional Lawn Provider in McLean VA, Find more information and schedule an appointment to become the envy of the neighborhood. Installing sod can do wonders for a residence leaving you with a beautiful new lawn. Whether this is a forever home or one that is getting ready to be put on the market, sod installation will make the lawn one to be proud of.

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