Buying a Portable Fire Fighting Pump

Do you live somewhere that has a defined fire season? The purchase of a fire truck pump might seem strange, but it can bring massive relief if your home catches fire. That isn’t all that these pumps can do either. They can be used for jobs that require pressurized water, irrigation, and cleaning down construction or farming equipment.

If you’ve never bought a pump before, you might be worried about making the wrong decision. We’ll help guide you by explaining the essential factors to take into consideration below.

Portable vs. Vehicle Mounted Pumps

There are two options when it comes to this sort of pump. You can go with a portable pump, or you can choose a vehicle mounted system. The portable pump is made to be compact, putting as much power as possible into a small package. The design of this pump is meant to offer maximum efficiency and output.

On the other hand, a vehicle-mounted pump can be more versatile and customizable. You can choose everything from the materials to the flow performance and priming system so it’s perfect for the application you will be using it for. Either type of pump is built to be low-maintenance and easy to use.


When we talk about self-priming, this means that the pump can retain water after the first prime. This prevents issues like air blockage and ensures the pump is ready to go whenever you need it. Not all pumps are self-priming, but it’s worth looking for one if you want the best quality.

Build Type

A fire truck pump often has metal fixtures, rather than plastic, due to the wear and tear that is common with these machines. As such, you’ll want to choose a model with metal components, if possible. Pumps that use many plastic parts may break down much sooner than a metal component would.

Petrol vs. Diesel

Most pumps come in either diesel or gasoline powered, so you’ll need to choose between the two. If you want fuel-efficiency, long-lasting performance, and extra safety, diesel is the way to go. However, petrol pumps are usually more affordable, and there are many more of them to choose from.

Excellent Firefighter Supplies

At IDEX, we offer many different tools to make a firefighter’s job a little easier. We sell fire pumps, monitors, branch pipes, nozzles, and rescue equipment.

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