Popular Alcohol Treatment Programs

by | Aug 16, 2012 | Health Care

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Popular Alcohol Treatment Programs

Most people who are alcoholics will admit that they started taking alcohol casually before it became a problem. It is quite difficult for people who are abusing alcohol to admit they even have a problem to begin with. This is mainly because there is a very thin line between casual drinking and alcohol abuse. The fact that alcohol is part of our day to day lives makes it even more difficult to deal with. Consequently, this makes alcohol treatment a daunting task. The process of alcohol treatment takes time and effort from the patient and the people around them. Alcoholism does not simply affect the alcoholic but also the people around them like their family and friends.

When choosing an alcohol treatment center there are some things that you should consider. It is important to choose a program that will suit an individual’s needs in order to get the best recovery program. Alcohol abuse is a serious problem in our society today and there are several treatment programs tailored to fit people with different needs. Addicts should consult a professional to help them figure about what they need before they start looking for a proper alcohol treatment program. These treatment programs are mainly divided according to the type of therapy they offer.  The therapies that they offer may include behavioral therapy which is mainly counseling, cognitive therapy, psychotherapy and medical treatment. The most common alcohol treatment programs are:

  • 12 step alcoholism program- This is the most popular program at the moment. It focuses on behavioral therapy and was developed by Alcoholics Anonymous. This program has been successful and is not only used by alcoholics but also other substance abuse programs. The most important factor in this healing process is relationships. This is mainly an outpatient program that requires patients to commit to attending meetings regularly.
  • Residential treatment in a facility- This is mainly recommended for people who have become dependent on alcohol. This means that the person will have to enroll into a facility that will be able to observe them for twenty four hours. The treatment that is offered in these facilities includes medical therapy because of the patients’ dependence on alcohol. It also involves a lot of counseling and patients might be required to stay in the facility for moths before they are allowed to resume their normal lives. This program is quite intensive and requires that addicts take time off their normal lives to be able to participate in the treatment program.

The condition that the person is in plays a huge role in the choice of treatment program. The outpatient program requires a great deal of discipline and if the patient is unable to commit to it, then going into a facility is the best option.


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