Will Electric Auto Repair In Puyallup WA Cost More?

They may look alike but gas powered vehicles and electric powered vehicles do not look the same under the hood and the question is “will electric Auto Repair in Puyallup WA cost more?”

Well the truth is, the jury is not yet in, there are not enough all electric cars in service to make an accurate prediction about service costs. The manufacturers say that they project repair and maintenance costs to be similar to gasoline powered vehicles but even they use the word “predict” because they do not know for sure.

When hybrids first came on the market the same question was being asked and in early days the same answer was being given. Those consumers who were early adopters of hybrid technology did find that their cars did cost a little more to repair, but it has since been found that the cost of repair for hybrids is a function of supply and demand like most things. Auto Repair in Puyallup WA for hybrids has seen the costs drop as the population of hybrids grows; the consensus of opinion is that the same thing will prove to be true about all electric vehicles.

Repair costs are a combination of two things, labor and parts. Until the dealerships sell enough all electric vehicles to warrant the stocking of a lot of parts, parts will remain costly as they will be ordered to suit the requirement. In the early stages of development there may not be a lot of technicians who have the skills yet to comfortably accept the challenge of repair. As the volume of sales goes up, the cost of repairs will come down, that is a simple economic fact.

Even if electric cars do take some time for their costs to come down, the auto repair in Puyallup WA is the first to suggest that the economy of an all electric car should also be taken into account. The cost of ownership is not just the acquisition cost plus the operating sundries such as insurance, but the cost of maintenance, repair and operations have to be factored in. With fuel costs of an all electric car being approximately one third the cost of a gas powered car, savings on fuel may very well offset the increased costs of repair. The one thing that seems to be true is that the costs can only go down as the volume at the moment can only go up.

Vehicle mechanics will take the electric car in stride, they are accustomed to constant changes in technology and they adapt very well and very quickly.

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