Petitioning for Primary Custody of Children With the Help of a Divorce Lawyer in De Pere WI

When both parents want primary custody of the children after divorce, they can get into an intense battle, especially if the end of their marriage was vitriolic. A Divorce Lawyer in De Pere WI represents one of the spouses and a different attorney represents the other. They may try to bring the two clients to an agreement during a hearing or during mediation sessions. Going to court is typically a last resort.

An Acrimonious Situation

Even in the informal hearings that both spouses participate in, the conversation can become quite nasty. When so much is at stake, each person may be willing to stoop to levels he or she would not have considered before. All the bad behavior that occurred during the relationship is brought out in these sessions. Each parent might be presented as negligent, addictive, irresponsible or any other negative traits that could undermine their efforts.

Which Parent Actually Is the Better Choice?

In the end, the lawyers want the parents to become clear about which of them actually is better suited for primary custody. This does not have to include consideration of one person’s brief dabble with drug use of 10 years ago or a short affair the other spouse had. Instead, one parent starts to understand that he or she truly cannot spend as much quality time with the youngsters, for example. The kids will have to stay with a babysitter much of the time.

The Final Agreement

A judge reviews and approves the final custody agreement, but a Divorce Lawyer in De Pere WI knows that litigating this aspect of the divorce can lead to bitterness and vindictiveness. Joint custody might be a possibility in some cases, but often, the parents won’t be living close enough to each other for this to be feasible. It may be best for the couple to come to an agreement on which parent will have primary custody and then allow substantial visitation time, including in person, by phone calls and texts, and through video chats. An organization such as Brabazon Law Office LLC can help draw up this type of arrangement. Visit the website for information.

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