5 Must-Know Tips Before You Pick a Spiritual Retreat Center

Going to a spiritual retreat offers plenty of benefits. But things can be a bit overwhelming for a first-timer. Here are a few tips before you start packing up your yoga pants and checking out spiritual retreat centers.

Know what you’re getting into

Before you pick a retreat program, have a clear idea of what you’re getting yourself into. For instance, you’ll need to be prepared to give up access to your phone and laptop for the time being. That means days of no TV, FB and emails. Some retreats may even restrict the type of clothing you can bring, your eating schedule and even talking.

Ask yourself why

Why are you doing it in the first place? Do you want peace of mind? Do you want to get out of the city and recharge? Today’s digital environment often means living with a lot of distractions, the Observer says. Do you want to get away from them all? Ask these questions to help you figure out if going on a retreat is right for you.

Find out what’s going to happen

Many spiritual retreat centers will offer you programs that will encourage you to meditate. You’ll probably spend hours just developing your concentration techniques, contemplating your life, visualizing your dreams or dreams and relaxing. You may even spend the time meditating, doing absolutely nothing and celebrating that. Depending on the program you choose, you could end up doing some of these activities.

Dig into the data

To find out more information about the retreat, reach out to the center. Ask questions. That should help you get a clearer sense of the program. The more you know about the programs, the easier it is for you to tell which one is right for you.

Prepare for it

Don’t rush into a long retreat. Prepare yourself. Start with short programs. That will help you get ready for longer ones.

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