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by | Oct 9, 2015 | Health

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People often treat a pharmacy simply as a place where they can drop off their prescriptions and pick up their medications in a timely manner. However, a quality pharmacy does much more than merely fill prescriptions: It plays an active role in your health and in the overall health of the community it serves. A reputable  pharmacist offers several valuable services that can add to your quality of life.

Look for a pharmacy that is licensed in the area of compounding. Compounding is a process that involves creating particular medications to fit an individual patient’s unique needs. It helps in targeting the specific illness or condition from which a patient is suffering and can be highly beneficial when traditional medications simply are not working. Be sure to choose to a Ventura pharmacist who is certified by the Professional Compounding Centers of America Inc., which offers training and education accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education.

Drug Take Back
Quality pharmacists also offer unique services such as a drug take back service, which allows you to dispose of old drugs safely. This type of service can come in handy for those who have many prescriptions from over the past several years that are expired. It’s the type of service that many people don’t think they really need but can actually prove useful. The service not only helps the individual consumer but also helps the community as a whole by potentially keeping pounds of prescription medications and supplements out of the public water supply.

Pill Identification
The best pharmacies also offer a way to identify pills to be used by the patient. The pharmacist should make available a resource that allows you to identify any medication by name or visual appearance. All over-the-counter and prescription drugs are required by the Food and Drug Administration to feature an imprint.

It’s worth noting that pills that do not have imprints may actually be vitamins, energy/herbal/diet pills, foreign or illicit drugs. The right pharmacy is committed to helping you live at your optimum level and quickly feel better when you’re suffering from particular health conditions.

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