3 Must Have Traits For Divorce Lawyers

There are many different characteristics that people use to search for an attorney to handle their divorce. In the past, most people looked for the most aggressive attorney they could find, which was often the one who had the reputation of winning in court at all costs.

Today, we notice our Deerfield clients, and those throughout Chicago, are more interested in a balanced approach. They want an attorney who is aggressive in ensuring they get what they are entitled to by law in the divorce, but they also want an attorney who is willing to work to negotiate the divorce and find a “fair” settlement.

There are three distinct traits we believe all divorce lawyers should have. As this is an emotional time in life, and one which impacts your life significantly, getting the right match in an attorney is important.

Experience and Knowledge

There are many talented family law attorneys throughout the Chicago area.  While these individuals are knowledgeable, they are not always experienced. Knowing when to wait, when to make a proposal, how to negotiate, when to mediate and when to make a final offer are all essential parts of being a top family law attorney.

Comfort and Communication

We want our clients to see us as divorce lawyers who are on their team. We aren’t these aloof, impossible to talk to professionals who only have minutes of our time to share.

The top divorce attorneys work directly with their clients, communicating effectively and explaining the divorce process, which is the way we do business. We are available, easy to talk to, and inspire trust and confidence and we are here to help you each step through the divorce.

Negotiation, Mediation and Litigation

It is possible to come to an agreement on your divorce without all the cost and time delays of waiting to go before a family court judge. In collaborative law, we provide services where we meet with your spouse and their attorney to discuss the divorce and make an effort to come to a settlement everyone agrees upon. This can include multiple meetings and different experts to provide insight, information and creative options.

With a traditional divorce or a collaborative divorce, we may recommend mediation. This uses a neutral third party, the mediator, to facilitate a discussion to reach a settlement. This is a confidential process, very different than the court, and allows the couple to create their own divorce settlement over one or more meetings.

Finally, when necessary, we are your Deerfield divorce lawyers that are prepared to go to court. We are here for you, and we have the experience, communication skills and expertise to help you through even the most complex of divorce cases.

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