New and Unique Pecan Pie Recipes in Phoenix

A look into the recipe book of most home cooks will most likely reveal a standard pecan pie recipe. It’s no wonder! Pecan pies are a popular staple at holiday get together, potlucks, and church picnics. While the classic recipe is delicious, why not consider changing things up with some new Pecan Pie Recipes in Phoenix. One way to accomplish this is to bump up the flavor of the classic pie with one or two additions or substitutions. Here are some popular mix-ins and recipe twists:

1. Add Chocolate chips, citrus juice or zest, dried fruit, bourbon, or apples and pears
2. Substitute light corn syrup with dark
3. Replace one half of the corn syrup with a high quality maple syrup
4. Use salted pecans
5. Stir in a handful of cashews or hazelnuts
6. Add chopped pecans to graham cracker crumbs and butter for an extra flavorful crust

Another way to create a new twist on the classic Pecan Pie Recipes in Phoenix is to use flavored nuts. Spiced pecans are very popular during the holiday season. Using these in a pie is a great way to add an interesting dimension of flavor. Diners will be thrilled with the combination of sweet, spicy, and salty. There are many recipes for spiced nuts on the internet, or they can be purchased online at stores such as the Green Valley Pecan Company Store. A third option is to take the classic flavors of a pecan pie and incorporate them into other desserts. Dinner guests will be wowed with any of the following:

1. Pecan pie brownies
2. Pecan pie cheesecake
3. Individual pecan pie tarts
4. Homemade vanilla ice cream with a pecan pie swirl
5. Pecan pie muffins

All it takes is a little bit of imagination and a little bit of research. Adventurous cooks are sure to find many interesting twists on the classic pecan pie recipe on the internet. Of course, a recipe isn’t always necessary. Spending an afternoon experimenting with pecan pie recipes is a great family activity that is sure to produce many delicious desserts for all to enjoy. Who knows? The family just might find a new favorite pecan dessert.

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