Need Boiler Installation Services in Lincoln Park?

The installation process can be hard if you do not know what to ask. Here are five questions to ask your boiler installer:

1. Are there differences in efficiencies? You should always ask your installer if you are getting the most bang for your buck. The more efficient a system is, the less money you will have to spend in the long run.
2. Do I need an outside reset control? The answer to this question is yes. It is very important to have an outside reset control just in case something goes wrong.
3. Do I get a warranty? Most boilers come with at least a one-year warranty to help cover any unforeseen issues with the new system.
4. Have my heating needs changed? As your family has grown, your old boiler probably couldn’t keep up with your needs. Make sure that your new boiler can keep up with your family’s needs.
5. Do I want anything more than heat? The nice thing about a new boiler is that it can also help with climate control of your home. Of course, they are used for heat, but it can also help to keep the temperature inside just right.

Maintenance of Your Boiler

Here are five ways to maintain your boiler system after you have replaced it:

1. Run the system. Regularly run your heating system. Make this something you do even in the summer. It may sound odd but running your system once a month helps it to run at its best. This helps to make sure that all pumps are blockage free.
2. Regular service. By getting your boiler checked out yearly, it will help ensure that it is running at its peak. An expert will be able to get you headed in the right direction to have the most efficient HVAC system.
3. Blockage. Don’t cover vents or any part of your boiler, unless otherwise advised. Outside vents also need to be free of blockage. Blockage can lead to serious damage to your boiler system.
4. Detectors. Carbon monoxide detectors are very important for any household. Boilers, especially older ones, are notorious for having carbon monoxide leaks. These can be damaging to you and your family but installing a simple wall detector can save your life.
5. Get informed. If you are renting, you should make sure that your landlord gets these systems checked yearly. If they are not, you should highly encourage them to do so, as it will save them money in the long run.

Ready to Install?

If you are looking to install a new boiler, check out the experts at Deljo Heating and Cooling in the Lincoln Park area. Follow us on google+.

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