Must Have Information On Hair And Beauty Salon Websites

myesalonOwing or managing a beauty salon is a fantastic career and one that is both rewarding as well as demanding. One of the biggest challenges is in getting your name out there and bringing in new clientele to the salon. The internet offers you a range of different marketing options including social media, blogging and writing articles, but it is hair and beauty salon websites that will attract potential customer’s attention and let them know what you are all about.

Key Points to Consider with Hair and Beauty Salon Websites

Hair and beauty salon websites should be informative and provide customers with a good overview of the services that you offer. It is important to provide both a general description as well as specific information in a way that is logical, structured and accurate. People also want to know the cost of the various services, especially if they are shopping around for the best price.

You need to give potential customers enough information so they know exactly what you specialize in and what services you recommend to your clients. It is a good idea to keep services categorized and, depending on the range of services that you offer, even on separate pages on the website.

Hair and beauty salon websites typically break out services so there is a webpage on hair, one on nails, one on beauty services, one on spa services or specialty services offered.

Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

Looking around the internet will give you an idea of just how important pictures are on hair and beauty salon websites. Customers want to see the work that you do, not just read about prices and actual services that you provide.

Pictures should be high quality and professionally done. There is nothing worse than blurry, fuzzy or poor quality photos that distract from the appearance of the website and the work that you do.

Besides information, pricing and pictures you also need to include all your contact information. People viewing your website should be provided with at least an email contact as well as your business phone number.

Many hair and beauty salon websites also provide customers with their Facebook address as well as Twitter and Pinterest contact information. The more ways your customers have to get in touch the more likely they are to contact you and set an appointment.

Hair and beauty salon websites should be informative and helpful to your customers and new potential clients. For more information on how this can be achieved visit our website at

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