Culture Change Facility in West Texas

by | Feb 14, 2014 | Health

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The culture change facility in West Texas is an institution that aims to change the overall way nursing homes work. De-institutionalizing a system that has been flawed for decades, Culture Change is moving further from the traditional methods of care, leaning towards a resident-centered program. This is about altering the philosophy of nursing homes in order for a resident’s preferences to be respected more than what they currently are. The “old” method of running a nursing home was schedule driven and task-oriented. With this system in place, the worker and resident can build long-term relationships and be happy with the results.

Major characteristics of the new system includes the following:

  • Person-directed activities;
  • The enabling of direct care workers;
  • Person-directed and person-centered care; and
  • Monitoring the happiness of residents, their family, and the staff;
  • Giving residents an atmosphere that feels as close to home as possible;
  • Measuring the overall quality of care, which includes progress towards Culture Change;
  • Efforts to form closer relationships between the residents, staff, family members, and the community;
  • A vision of guidance committed to humanizing living environments that inspire, nurture, and create a certain ambiance for the residents who live there;
  • Emphasis on the worth and dignity of any individual’s preferences that are related to daily or routine tasks (bathing times, flexible dining choices, bed-time hours, etc.); and
  • Consideration of residents who have disabilities, no matter the medical condition, limitations or age.

What are the overall advantages of this system?

The culture change facility in West Texas makes perfect sense for every person involved. Several studies show that the nursing facilities that undergo these changes have greater occupancy rates, increased revenue, and decreased staff turnover and absenteeism. Residents, workers, and their families are much happier, as well. DADS, also known as the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Service, has been behind this transformation from the start.

The principles in nursing homes are meant to be transformed by asserting the value and dignity of every resident and their caregivers who provide support for them. The nursing facilities that provide personalized services want to reinforce dignity, choices, and well-being for each patient.

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