Measuring Sound Quality for a IA Best Home Theater

A home theatre system is not complete with an excellent audio set up. The visual component is really only half the battle. For many, the audio is just as important, if not more so, and it plays a pivotal role in realising the full potential of the IA Best Home Theatre.

There are many things to consider when looking at an audio set up. If it is poorly implemented, the supposed better quality will actually distract and devalue from the overall greatness of the experience. Consider a few tips to maximise audio quality without breaking the bank, and complementing that Des Moines system the right way.

Speaker Placement

The general rule of thumb for the IA Best Home Theater is the four corner rule. Two small speakers go in the two back corners of the room. The center television itself is mandated by a large focus speakers, and the left and right side of the television in the corner of the room contains two auxiliary speakers. In total, this comes to about five. This is a standard placement, but smaller rooms may not benefit from that many speakers. Speak to a professional installer to find an audio set up that maximizes quality. If the room is too small, it will actually cause echoes and issues in the sound.

SPL Levels

An SPL measuring tool is actually used for measuring the safety of the sound. This is grossly under looked, but these systems can get loud. An SPL measurement will tell if the sound is beyond normal ranges of safety and if damage is actually occurring to the ears. A measurement of, say, 100 means that a total of two hours is allotted before damage sets in. The general rule is to keep the levels below 82. Anything below that is able to be heard for 24 continuous hours without damage setting in. It is a small issue that could be a lot more if one is a bit careless.

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