Let a Hard Drive Destruction Service in Irvine Eliminate Old Drives Containing Sensitive Information

With today’s privacy concerns, it’s not just good business to destroy old documents – it’s often the law. Old medical records, certain legal documents, and other information must be kept in such a way that security is always maintained. Since offices don’t have infinite space, this means that old records eventually have to be destroyed rather than stored. Most companies don’t have a shredding room, so they will often hire an outside document destruction company like Shred Confidential to do exactly what its name implies.

Shredding isn’t just for paper documents. It’s also used for things like old x-rays and even hard drives. You may have heard stories about how easy it is to recover data from hard drives even after it has been overwritten with new information. This becomes a problem when it’s time for you to upgrade to new computer systems and need to get rid of the old ones. The solution is to use a hard drive destruction service in Irvine. Such services usually use shredding to destroy the drives. A shredded hard drive is unrecoverable for all intents and purposes.

Using a hard drive destruction service in Irvine is easy. This is because these services don’t require you to bring your drives to them for destruction. Instead, they provide you with secure bins for you to drop your old drives, sensitive paperwork, and other shreddable items into. Then, they send a big shredder truck to your location. The bin numbers are scanned and the bins are then taken to the truck. They are lifted and dumped much like garbage bins of the same general shape, but with one major difference: The materials inside go directly to the shredding machine that’s inside the truck. When everything has been properly destroyed, a receipt is printed that proves that you disposed of the sensitive materials in the proper way.

This truck-based system is great for companies that generate sensitive documents on a daily basis. It’s also perfect for offices that have been keeping their confidential information in a room and want to reclaim that space. Using a shredding company will both allow for the elimination of years-old materials and prevent the accumulation of more confidential data clutter. Visit website for more information.

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