Maintaining Your Home’s Gutters in Harbor WA

Most houses have gutters in Harbor WA, and gutters keep your home free from rainwater runoff problems. However, a guttering system can become clogged with debris and develop many issues over time, unless you maintain it properly. The following gutter maintenance tips can help you avoid some expensive home repairs in the coming years.

Cleaning Your Gutters in Harbor WA

You will need to have a sturdy ladder to work from. Make sure it is in good condition by inspecting it before using. This is especially important if you own a wooden ladder as the wood could become rotted. Also, consider installing a ladder accessory called a stabilizer. This makes it safer to use and will keep the ladder from damaging the gutters while you work.

Protect yourself by wearing gloves and a shirt with long sleeves. You never know what could be inside guttering and this will keep you from getting cut by something sharp or contaminated from things like small dead animals. Instead of using your hands, check with your local home improvement center and see if they have gutter scoops or other gutter cleaning tools available.

Checking for Leaks

Once you have the guttering nice and clean, you should check for leaks. This is very important for seamed gutters in Harbor WA. Take your garden hose and place it in the guttering system. Give it time to flow and then check for leaks from the ground. Even the tiniest leaks should be repaired, or they may develop into major leaks.

A Better Solution for Your Gutters in Harbor WA

Instead of going through a lot of trouble every year, consider a gutter protection system from your guttering specialists. The top companies offer effective gutter guard solutions which come with a 25-year warranty. It is very easy to call them for a free in-home estimate.

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