Maintaining a Happy Living Arrangement While Renting Apartments

by | Jan 30, 2013 | Travel & Accommodation

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If you’re going to be renting an apartment, you want the experience to be as happy and pleasant as it can possibly be. There are several things you can do to make sure this happens. The first will be respecting the fact that you do have neighbors. You need to respect them. At night you need to cut the volume on the music. If you’re going to throw a party at night and suspect you won’t be able to keep the volume down, you should invite your neighbors. Checking in with them once in a while and asking if they need your help with anything will endear you to them, especially if they’re elderly and or have small children, which can make running errands difficult.

The other thing tenants of apartments in Sierra Vista need to keep in mind is your neighbors won’t be the only ones you need to cultivate a friendly and harmonious relationship with. You also want to stay on the good side of both your property manager and your landlord. When they like you, you’re living situation will be far more pleasant.

Keeping your landlord happy, especially if they’re not the property manager shouldn’t be too difficult. The first trick will be making sure you always pay your rent on time. There is very little that a landlord likes less than renting apartments to tenants who never send the rent check on time. It creates a landslide of problems. If this happens too frequently, the landlord might not agree to extend your lease when the original one runs out.

The second key to retaining a good relationship with your landlord while renting apartments is to keep the place in nice shape, don’t trash it. Tool often landlords find themselves dealing with tenants who don’t own the apartment so therefore they see no reason why they should respect it. Remember you’re temporarily borrowing someone else’s property.

Dealing with property managers can be a little more complicated. If you’re lucky, a person who stays on top of things and can handle any problem quickly will manage your apartments. What tends to cause friction between property managers and tenants is the habit tenants have of expecting property managers to drop everything and handle the tenant’s problems right away. As a tenant you have to remember the property manager has a great deal of responsibility and only a limited amount of time. Have faith that they are trying to handle all problems and issues as quickly as they can manage.  Each time you take a problem to your property manager you need to be polite, respectful, and very clear about the issue. Give them a few days to handle the problem, before you issue a cheerful reminder. The more upbeat and cheerful you are, the more willing they will be to bump your apartment to the top of their priority list.

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