Reasons Why a Scenic Helicopter Flight Should Be Your Next Adventure

When most people think about their next vacation, or adventure, they automatically think of a cruise or a cross country drive. How about adding a helicopter flight to your options? Not just for the rich and famous any more, helicopter flights are a great way to see things you might never have had the opportunity to see before and are more affordable than ever! Here are some reasons why a scenic helicopter flight should be your next big adventure:

Amazing Sights – Helicopter tours are one of the ways people have been able to enjoy the Grand Canyon valley. If it weren’t for this option, you would only be able to see bits of the Grand Canyon at a time and from afar as well. With more and more helicopter tours sprouting up, people are able to see some great sighs – from the Grand Canyon, to multiple Hawaiian Islands, to the Empire State Building. Imagine seeing so much in such a short period of time and being so close to the sights, too!

Meet Some Great People – You’re obviously one for adventure if you add helicopter flights to your vacation itinerary. While on these flights you will meet like minded people, from the passengers to the pilots themselves. And most of the pilots have some great stories to tell – stories of action and adventure. Many have piloted in other avenues besides civilian aviation. You might meet a pilot that served in the military oversees or who served for local law enforcement. Imagine the stories they can tell you. Even if a pilot doesn’t have such a background, they have had the experience of seeing some pretty amazing things so far above the ground. Or perhaps you are traveling with passengers that have been on multiple helicopter tours around the world. They can tell you fabulous stories of Paris, Morocco, South Africa, New Zealand, and the Mediterranean, just to name a few.

Do Something Not Everyone Gets To Do – How many people can say they’ve been on a helicopter? Not many! A helicopter flight might be a once in a lifetime adventure for you. It’s something you will never forget and you will be able to tell your story of adventure to your kids and grandkids besides the rest of your family, friends and co-workers!

Get the Best Pictures Ever – Helicopter flights allow for some of the best views you will ever see. No one will be bored when you show them the pictures of your helicopter adventure vacation.

There are many more reasons besides these few to consider adding a helicopter flight to your next vacation, but just the fact that it’s an adventure in and of itself should be reason enough, right?

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