Knowing When to Go in for Emergency Oral Care in Kittanning, PA

Dental issues can be painful and frustrating. Is it a serious problem or something that can wait unit the dental office opens? Will over the counter pain medications take care of it or is something a little stronger needed? There are a couple of red flags that let a person know it is time to seek Emergency Oral Care in Kittanning PA. When these things happen, make the call and head into the office right away.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

Teeth are pretty strong. But sometimes, when they come into contact with something hard, they can chip or break. In most cases, chips and breaks are accompanied by serious pain. It’s important to seek out Emergency Oral Care in Kittanning PA. The goal is to see a professional as soon as possible to try and save the tooth. The same advice holds true when a tooth has been knocked out or has fallen out of the mouth.

Severe Bleeding

Sometimes the gums bleed when they are brushed. This is a sign that something is wrong, but usually, it can be addressed at the next dental appointment. However, if there is any type of severe bleeding inside the mouth, it’s important to see a dental professional as soon as possible. Apply pressure to the area to see if the bleeding will stop. Biting through the tongue or even the lip can also be something that needs medical attention right away.

Complications From Oral Surgery

After oral surgery, some patients run into problems. They may have severe swelling accompanied by pain and redness. These could be signs of an infection and should be looked at right away. Sometimes patients have issues with their stitches. If this is the case, they too need to be seen by a professional. Allowing a wound in the mouth to open up could cause a wide range of complications.

In addition to these situations, if there is any type of severe pain in the mouth that cannot be handled with regular pain medication, it’s important to contact an emergency dental center to get assistance. Locations like Business Name understand just how concerned patients are. They work tirelessly to help with a wide range of dental concerns.

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