Keep the Name of an Emergency Plumber Handy Since You May Need One Some Day

An emergency plumber is necessary when you least expect to need one. That is why it is a good idea to have a plumber perform an annual checkup of your plumbing to detect potential problems. The plumber capable of responding to emergency plumbing problems is a name to keep handy because you will want this plumber when the toilet backs up.
Many plumbing problems can be classified as an emergency if water is leaking down the walls or from a pipe union that is exposed. Water can ruin a home very quickly if it sets long enough to allow the growth of black mold and to ruin the flooring.

If you believe you have a leak in a pipe buried behind a wall, then you need the Emergency Plumber in Montgomery MD to come out with his water leak detection equipment which is high-tech and very accurate. He can find the leak and remove a section of the wall to get at it so he can repair it. He has equipment that will find the leak if your home is on a slab. He also has the equipment to cut into the slab and make the necessary repairs.

A serious emergency occurs when the drain line from the home to the sewer backs up. This is caused by a complete blockage of the line. The usual cause is tree roots which find a way to penetrate the line and grow into a complete clog. This can cause a sewer back up into the house which is not a nice event.

The plumber can run a TV cam down into the line and see what is causing the blockage. Tree roots can travel 100 feet seeking water and they can bust into a pipe which has a fragile opening such as a crack. The roots will grow and block the drain line. The plumber has a high pressure water jet system which can break through the clog and wash it down into the main sewer line. Some of these have high speed cutters which run on high water pressure. This will open the line if the clog is big. The sewer line is the most likely emergency problem, so it may pay to have this line inspected annually. John C. Flood of DC can discuss this with you.

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