Juvederm in South Elgin IL for Folded and Wrinkled Skin

Juvederm refers to a smooth gel that is injected into the skin to restore its volume. Additionally, it removes the folds and wrinkles that exist around the mouth, forehead and nose Juvederm in South Elgin IL is offered to all consumers by the company employees.
There are two types of Juvederm, and this allows users to choose the options that suit their needs. The first type is Juvederm XC and the second is Juvederm Voluma XC. The former corrects facial wrinkles in the mouth and nose area. Notably, it corrects the mild deformities as well as the severe cases. On the other hand, Juvederm Voluma XC adds volume to the individual’s cheeks, and is approved by Food and Drug Administration. Moreover, Juvederm Ultra treats the non severe cases by filling the creases. Conversely, Juvederm Ultra Plus treats extreme folds in the skin.
The elements in Juvederm help in the production of proteins that cause the skin’s fullness. These proteins are elastic and collagen, and they also help in ensuring that the person’s skin is elastic. Furthermore, Juvederm in South Elgin IL has hyaluronic acid that binds skin water. More so, in some instances lidocaine is used to make the injection less painful s.
The manufacturers further ensure that the gel is smooth in order to produce a similar effect on the face. They also do this to ensure that the users maintain natural and flawless faces. The product longevity also makes it preferable among consumers.
The treatment lasts for fifteen minutes where one syringe is used, and thirty minutes in cases where two are used. It is done using a fine syringe, and the effects last from nine months to two years. The treatment may also last longer, especially among patients who have follow-up treatment after the initial drug administration.
Finally, users should note that the procedure has no severe side effects. However, in some cases, patients experience mild effects such as redness, discoloration and pain at the injection site, which generally cease after four days. Other common side effects are swellings and firmness in the injected places, and they end after approximately one week. For more information Click here.

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