Is Mold Removal in Salinas CA Important?

Mold contamination is a key indoor air pollutant that few people understand. Mold has been leading the headlines in recent years, largely as a result of hurricanes. And last year there was record flooding in the United States, something of which had not been seen in over a century. Because of flooding, there was a heavy infestation of mold in certain areas. Continue reading to learn how mold removal in Sailnas CA can benefit you and your home.

Apart from obvious places such as bathrooms and damp basements, there may be many hidden sources of mold in your home. In particular, if you have had problems with plumbing or roof leaks, mold can grow and release spores in places such as behind walls, under carpeting or wood. But mold can get into some pretty amazing places. One study found that even Christmas trees can develop mold, quietly releasing millions of spores in the environment and causing allergies and asthma attacks in the winter.

The study found that indoor air quality decreases six times during the Christmas season if you put a Christmas tree up. Even millions of mold spores can be hidden in your pillows. And surprisingly, if you live in a dry climate you can be at higher risk of mold or mildew development, something of which is routinely seen in desert regions. Molds produce a series of powerful substances that can affect your health beneficially or harmfully. You should not be surprised that fungi produce biologically potent compounds. After all, lysergic acid (LSD) is produced by a fungus. And penicillin is a mycotoxin produced by mold, which is best known as an antibiotic.

Even spores that can no longer reproduce may still harm your health because these mycotoxins (the dead mold spores) are as dangerous as the living. Spores do not produce toxins rather, it is believed that the toxins produced are when mold colonies produce spores. Scientists believe that mycotoxins are how organisms obtain a competitive advantage of defeating things that are trying to thrive in the same environment, like humans, for example. For more information on Mold Removal in Salinas CA, contact your local specialist.

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