Is It Time for Automatic Transmission Repair in Grand Rapids MI?

Some car owners are lucky enough to own their vehicles for years and never have a moment of trouble with the transmissions. Others find that, as time goes on, things do not seem to work as well as in the past. Since many people are choosing to drive their vehicles for more years before trading them in, it makes sense to be aware of the signs that an Automatic Transmission Repair in Grand Rapids MI is needed. Here are a few examples to keep in mind.

The Transmission is Slipping

Things seem to be just fine when driving home until the transmission seems to slip out of drive and into neutral for no apparent reason. While the driver stopped the vehicle, put the car in park, and then put it back into drive, this should not be considered an anomaly. Something is definitely going on with the transmission. The best bet is to take it to a local shop and have the issue resolved before things get worse.

Lurching and Grinding When Changing Gears

The beauty of an automatic transmission is there is no need for the driver to shift gears when passing someone or moving at a higher rate of speed. The transmission does all the work. Normally, shifting to the next gear is so fluid that it is barely noticeable. Lately, it seems as if the engine roars a little before the transmission slips into gear. There is also a noticeable lurch when moving into the passing gear. There may even be a little grinding along with the jerky movement. If any of these events take place, rest assured that the time has come for some sort of Automatic Transmission Repair in Grand Rapids MI.

Fluid Leaks

Typically, transmissions do not leak. This is why many car owners will automatically assume any stains on the carport are from an oil leak. To be sure, slide something under the car for the night and then check the stains the following morning. If the stains have the reddish tinge of transmission fluid, now is the time to get the car to a professional.

If the transmission is not performing as it should, take the car to the team at Bob’s Transmissions today. They can diagnose the problem, and have the matter repaired before there is a chance for more damage to the transmission.

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