Intermediary Businesses

People tend to have limited perceptions of what businesses do. Most people only interact with companies as employees or as consumers and their perceptions of what companies do is controlled and limited to that. This leads people to wonder why there are companies that they don’t have much use for. Like why a city like Austin Texas, which has a fairly well off and educated populace would have companies like printing companies. Aren’t the only people who would need that people with old computers and printers? Can’t you do anything they do at home? It’s because they’re only thinking of companies in terms of consumer products, and specifically the average person’s daily routine, that they fail to understand how a printing company survives and exists.

There are some businesses that create original ideas, some that create finished products and some that serve mostly in the facilitation of both. Design companies for instance create ideas, which are then turned over to manufacturing companies which produce the finished product. Design companies have limited interaction with the consumer market, where as production companies have massive. In terms of companies that facilitate both that would include things like a printing company. Printing companies come in at various stages to allow the ideas to spread more efficiently or notify consumers of what the product is. It is worth noting that many of these companies will have a consumer side too, larger than the design company but smaller than the production. So while a printing company in Austin for example will have its doors open to the public depending on its structure it might do considerably more business with other businesses.

It’s easy for consumers to have a consumer only perspective. We tend to view companies through that lens, which is part of the reason why we see investment firms as being inherently evil it’s because to a consumer they don’t provide much, they just exist and make lots of money we don’t see a benefit to, whereas in actuality they can make it possible for things to gain funding. The things that can get funding through investment banking can be of great benefit to us as members of society. So it’s easy to understand how someone could drive by a printing company on the streets of Austin and wonder how it stays in business. Most people who don’t run small or bigger businesses don’t print that much and with the increasing ease of home publishing software and electronic cards and invitations more can be done at home. Where printing companies come in is for high quality reproductions or mass volume.

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