Drug Rehab is the Path to New life

Trying to kick drugs or alcohol apart from rehab in California, on your own, is sort of like walking from Florida to the North Pole, barefoot and in your sleep. It’s remotely possible given the right conditions, but not very probable or practical. Most likely, you will either fry or freeze. You will certainly get blisters on your feet. But, most likely, you will either find yourself slipping backwards into your shoes to hit the pavement and looking for another score, or you will lie yourself down in a stiff bed of cold, rectangular earth. Most people who try to just stop on their own are altogether too familiar with the mantra, “never again”, repeated nearly every time the compulsion hits and is satisfied. Unfortunately, all too often the self-talk eventually comes true, but only when the addict is lying in his own grave.

Going to rehab in California may seem frightening to the addict. Usually the fear is produced by the energy structure of the addiction. Basically, the addict is afraid she will actually never again experience that euphoria experienced under the influence of whatever drug has wrapped its tentacles around her will. Without that aspect in a drug addict’s life, there doesn’t appear to be much else for which to live. So when the addict hits bottom and knows that the addiction is killing him, he may consider going to a rehab facility in California, but ironically, on some level, the notion of getting clean and never getting high again equates with death. So addicts whose addictions are killing them put off rehab because they are afraid of death, more or less.

Checking into a rehab in California, however, is not the path to death, but rather a way to get out of the mire of such convoluted thinking, and relearning ways to experience the world around you without the false euphoria of addictive substances. Most rehab programs in California offer detox services, as well as nursing care, counseling, guidance through the effective 12-step program, and experience-based treatment. The most effective programs understand that addicts have submitted themselves to a force that controls them over which they have no power, so no judgment is leveraged against clients, but rather persuasive help and insight into understanding the destructive force of one’s own addiction. Rather than being the road to the mundane, the drab, the unpleasurable or the unbearable, compassionate care for victims of drug addiction in a rehab setting can significantly help clients to free themselves from the power of the addiction in a safe, protective setting, and give them a real, brand new chance at life.

Rehab California – Since 1967, Austin Recovery has provided affordable, effective, compassionate drug and alcohol treatment for individuals, families and communities. Our transformational treatment model brings about in-depth cognitive, behavioral and spiritual changes essential for overcoming addiction – giving our clients a new freedom and a life full of promise in recovery. With a Los Angeles drug rehab branch in California, we provide patients with professional mental health care. Visit us online at http://autinrecovery.org/ or give us a call at 1-800-373-2081 or 512-697-8600. We answer your calls 7 days a week from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. If we miss you in the evening, we’ll call you first thing in the morning.

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